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Radio Active 90.4 FM, Bhagalpur Studio

Radio Active 90.4 MHz is Bhagalpur’s first FM Radio Station, operated under parent organization “LOKHIT”. Launched in 2011, the station is a platform for different communities to converge/ unite, share ideas, encourage creative expressions, raise issues (civic and social rights), promote local talent, local business, foster local traditions, sensitize on issues of importance. Radio Active seeks to promote inclusion, good governance, policy advocacy issues and enhance community cohesion by dialogues to support collective problem-solving and promote initiatives by collaboration and partnerships.   Radio Active is dedicated to bringing vibrant local news, entertainment, and information to the Bhagalpur area and Radio is committed to enhancing the business of local businessmen with the use of the powerful tool “Radio”.

We Offer

Radio Active 90.4 FM, Bhagalpur is a community-based radio station and operated under ‘LOKHIT‘. Type of services we offer are:


Promotions (Non-Political)

Community Services

Advertise With Us

We offer our best rate (DAVP approved) on all time slots (GST as applicable) for your Advertisement on FM Radio at Bhagalpur, Bihar. To know On Air Ad rate for different slots as well as, if you want your advertisement to be mentioned by RJ or you want us to sponsor your program, feel free to call us the following phone numbers:



Radio Active 90.4 FM - Coverage

Coverage: Population percentage wise

Coverage: Population number wise

Total covered area: 2829 sq.km.

Population density: 1180 inhabitants per sq.km.

Signal reach: 33,38,220 inhabitants

Our survey report: 25% of the population are regular Radio Active listeners.